08.09.08 – R.P.
Excellent safari experience and wonderful people.

01.09.08 – Keith F.
Massai Mara is the best. The guides at Olare are excellent and the food is the best
we have in Kenya to date!

01.09.08 – The big five (P., S., A., N., E.) aus Spanien und Deutschland
We saw the big five. Thanks to Evans and Sarmy.

01.09.08 – Ignacio H.
First rate service 24 hours. Best holidays ever. Thanks.

29.08.08 – Wolfgang J. aus Deutschland
Die Safari war wunderschön, aber auch anstrengend. Asante sana.

31.07.08 – Axel and Alice aus Deutschland
Wonderful trip with wonderful people. Seen a lot. Thanks.

23.06.08 – Helmut E. aus Österreich
es war sehr schön. vielen dank.

24.05.08 – Loesch aus Deutschland
Super !!!

16.05.08 – Markus M. aus München
Safari and Mombasa was very impressive. Nature left me breathless. View of Lionhill
was unforgetable.

16.05.08 – Sergej G. aus Deutschland
Great time at the safari, very nice people. Good driver and excellent guide (Evans and
Willie) with a good car.

16.05.08 – Adrian N. aus München
Friendly and nice atmosphere. Good people, good time.

16.05.08 – Christoph S. aus Deutschland
Mombasa was impressive than I thought. The safari was great. Thanks to the
Papa Musili team.

16.05.08 – Rene R. aus Deutschland
You don´t see that kind of service and friendly people in Germany.

24.04.08 – Rocco und Wolfgang aus Deutschland
alles ok

29.03.08 – Johann R. aus Belgien
Nice safari and very interesting. Guided by Antony.

19.01.08 – Mathias W. aus Deutschland
We really enjoyed the safari, the animals and the lodge. Evans showed us everything
and told us interesting things.

20.12.07 – Endre K. aus Ungarn
Very good!

10.12.07 – Linns Anna A. aus Schweden
Everything was ok. Perfect driver.

25.11.07 – Robert K. aus Amsterdam
Fantastic safari to Mara. Thanks to Papa Musili

14.11.07 – Marcel L. aus Holland
Good service from Isaac

31.10.07 – Jackson aus UK
Evans gave a superb knowledgable safari. GREAT!

22.10.07 – Peter aus München
The best choice for a wonderful safari!

22.10.07 – Thilo W. aus Frankfurt
Thank you. This was a wonderful trip!

22.10.07 – Friedrich von S. aus Deutschland
Wonderful trip and a great guide

22.10.07 – Rudolf von R. aus Deutschland
Fantastic tour with a marvellous guide

29.09.07 – M.C.G. aus UK
Arrangements including food were very good. Keep it up!

12.09.07 – Germain & Christine K. aus Frankreich
A very good time with a perfect driver (Evans) and a good young guide (Willie)

07.09.07 – Amanda F. aus Schweden
Excellent driver/guide. Asante sana!

13.07.07 – Robert & Kate McG. aus UK
A very well organised trip to Massai Mara. Stayed in a basic camp but wonderful food and
brilliant people. The safari was fantastic.

04.07.07 – Jose Juan S. aus Spanien
Nice second stay in wonderful Kenya. We´ll com back!

02.06.07 – Jutta M. & Wolfgang F. aus Deutschland
Nice rooms and friendly guide

13.04.07 – Dave S. aus Essex (GB)
Excellent services. Lovely time here!

23.03.07 – Don C. aus UK
Very friendly and helpful staff

04.03.07 – K.S. aus Deutschland
Very friendly and helpful staff

27.01.07 – Mama Honey and Papa Russel aus Bristol (GB)
Not enough space here to write how wonderful our trip to Tsavo East & West was. See you again next year!

15.01.07 – Dave M. aus Essex (GB)
Excellent safari, great food and accomodation

11.01.07 – Dieter V.d.B. aus Holland
Saw the big five and three cheetahs! Evans is the best! Wonderful!

18.12.06 – Reinhild & Klaus F.M. aus München
Interesting visit to Mangrove forest, nice snorkeling and sea food.

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